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Hilary Angeline Ekaputri
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Use one or more of your OCs, maybe even add yourself if you please to take this interview test.

original by xIntergalactic-Ender 

Using -> Hilary Angeline (Artist) and Angeline (Character)

*sigh* here we go...

1- How old are you?

A) Both: 12 years, almost 13

2- Do you want a hug?

A) Both: Never.

3- Have any bad habits?

A) Hilary Angeline: kinda lazy to do something, lying to my parents 

Angeline: love to make my friend restless (don't ask me why)

4- You a virgin?

A) Both: ...No?...

5- Have any kids? 

A) Hilary Angeline: No, i don't wanna.

Angeline: in the future... i already see them and fall on me when they first came (they came out from a portal)

6- Favorite food or drink?

A) both: fried rice and chocolate milk

7- Killed anyone?

A) Hilary Angeline: No,but i ever break my friends feet and strangle my friend's neck very hard ^w^ and he almost die...:happybounce: 

Angeline: yes but once... before i be a guardian, i stab my friend with knive because he started it...

8- What is your idea of a date?

A) Hilary Angeline: i don't wanna have a boyfriend, except if my parents forced me.

Angeline: maybe... in the park or something, idk

9- Any artistic talents?

Hilary Angeline: well in my friend opinion, i'm good at art and making something like... frame, necklace, doll,etc

Angeline: i'm more like the creator but i good at singing too...

10- Love anyone?

A) Hilary Angeline: my friends

Angeline: my friend and Armor Shigaki (childhood crush)

11- What is your job

A) both: student

12- Favorite season & least favorite season

A) Both: rainy season 

13-Who's your best friend?

A) Hilary Angeline: Kaio, Thelya (thelya12), Rasya (CrazySlumber1), Anna (Anna-The-Cherry), Raffa (Raffaborboo), Kyra, Angga, Satria, Carissa, Keke, Charizza, Pasha, Flow and Lieka 

Angeline: Kaio, Pasha, Lieka, Neisya, Adam, Armor, Viena, Kate, Reika, Gaby...

14- Hobbies?

A) Both: Listen music, draw, sing, read, Fighting with my little brother -3-

15- What are you going to do when this tag is over?

A) Hilary Angeline: maybe i'm gonna go back to my miserable live -____-

Angeline: umm... chatting with my friends.

16- What is your eye color?

A) Both: brown

17- Are you good? Or bad?

A) Hilary Angeline: Bad... i'm a jerk person -______-

Angeline: well i'm kinda bad because i'm very VeRy VERY MEAN. (dependent with who i'm talking, same as Her)

Hilary Angeline: Shut up!

18- If you could get anything right now what would it be?

A) both: idk?

19- Does your name have a special meaning?

A) Hilary Angeline: from "Angeline"  means messenger of God or Angel, in "Hilary" means Happy, Cheerfull, needs more free time, kinda naive but positive, etc 

Angeline: Same as her ^^

20- Any siblings?

A) Both: have one little brother (his name is Benedictus Nicolas)

21- Where do you live?

A) Hilary Angeline: In a simple house

Angeline: In a mansion, i only live with my friends -3-

22- Do you find yourself attractive?

A) Both: No

23- Was this fun?

A) Both: yes

24- Any last words?

A) Both: Have a nice day everybody! ^^

i heard there's gonna be MCSM season 2, and released on 11 July...



I'm bored -3-
Aaannnddd... My iPad is broke, so I can't do some digital art... Except I can draw on paint or draw traditional art and posting my old art -3-
Pastel X Bendy (Pony Ver.)
requested by my own classmate -_-
i do this in my school and... my classmate forced me to do this.

Bendy: Urrgghh...
Pastel: Let me take this of... >///<
Bendy: ...
Pastel: (sheesh i think he's mad at me...)
Friend: Hey Bendy! Nice girlfriend!
Me: Stop makes anything worst, now where's my damn new sketchbook that you promise?
Friend: *throw sketchbook* Makan Tuh!

Collab base by SnowySeal -->
original Base by Bubblegunns
Pastel in classic style
Yeah... Draw her again in classic style XP
She so adorbs in this style >w<
Well actually i want to make this as my pagedoll, hope it work ^^
Hope you guys like it ^^
Bendy and Pastel (classic style)
Idk but i ruined the classic style, didn't i? XP
Well now i made pastel in the classic style, and actually her mouth was covered with her scarf so... It looks like she doesn't have a mouth...
Anyway..... Hope ya guys like it ^^

Bendy (c) TheMeatly
Pastel (c) me


MCSM character
MCSM character can be traditional or digital ^^
Anime character commissions
You can choose for traditional art or digital art ^^
Chibi commissions
Make chibi commissions 


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